Brian Ho, National Stores Inc.

“MIT Group provided exceptional services to our company and has the knowledge and expertise to support our IT initiates. MIT Group act quickly when we are needed to make changes with limited IT resources. They provided effective and efficient solutions to meet our business challenges. MIT Group is a valuable and strategic partner to our company. If you are looking for a trusted company for system integration, I would recommend you consider the MIT Group for solution.”

Cynthia E Rolfe, Ed.D., Vice President and CIO

“The MIT Group provided timely essential information to enable us to address network vulnerabilities. The trusted technical staff was efficient, effective, non-evasive, and at all times professional. They provided a robust, easy-to-understand report. In these times of concern for integrity and security, I would definitely recommend the MIT Group to companies looking for a trustworthy organization to assist network scans and interpretation.”

Mike Brown Chief Operating Officer Danlin Industries Corp

“The MIT Group has gone beyond my expectations for developing a Data informational system. The guys at MIT were very knowledgeable and understanding of our needs at Danlin Industries Corp. I would highly recommend this group to anyone needing their expertise’s.”