Technology Assessments

At MIT Group, we can provide your company a path to successfully align your technology with your business needs through detailed technology assessments. Through this process, we will examine what your business does,  determine your organizational technology needs relating to identified processes and goals, and determine how these needs are being fulfilled by your current technology and IT implementations. We will compare your technology to market and industry standards to determine where your current technology implementation is working well and where it can be improved, or identify  if it is lagging behind. Our technology assessments will determine which areas of your business could better benefit from additional or different IT strategies, and help you acquire the right products and services for your overall business needs and goals. As a result of this process, potential risks to your company will be identified, allowing us to work with you to build strategy to avoid the various issues that have been exposed. This will in-turn help your business implement an effective information technology plan, accomplishing your business needs while minimizing cost. When complete, our technology assessments will provide you with a clear understanding of your existing technology, where your shortcomings may  lie,  what technology could be implemented to shore things up or better align technology with your business needs, and provide a roadmap to implementation and technology management going forward.