Loyalty Cards / Membership Cards

Loyalty CardsThe average U.S. household belongs to 12 loyalty programs. Whether it’s a grocery card, a library card, or a club member card, half of all Americans use some form of loyalty card every day.

Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward loyal buying behavior – behavior that benefits you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s hotels, airlines, or retail – it’s clear that people understand the value of membership, which is why loyalty cards are the third most frequent card produced in America after ATM and Credit cards.

A recent ACNielsen Survey showed 64 percent of Americans said their shopping decisions are affected by loyalty card programs. As one of the fastest growing areas of the plastic card industry, loyalty cards add a perceived value to membership. They entitle card holders to special privileges, discounts, or incentives – specifically engineered to keep existing patrons but also to attract new ones.

Loyalty cards market your business to the individuals who use it and to others that see it. It’s like free advertising in a billfold. Loyalty cards are also useful data-gathering tools that equip retailers to enhance customer service based upon actual shopping habits.

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