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MIT Group is a Microsoft partner, and Microsoft Small Business Solutions Provider. Our relationship with Microsoft allows us to quickly assist with the implementation of new Microsoft technologies, or the integration or enhancement of existing Microsoft environments. Our areas of expertise in the Microsoft arena is broad, comprising of Microsoft server technologies, including Windows Server, Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft BI integration and Microsoft Dynamics. Additionally, we develop new applications or integrate existing processes utilizing Microsoft development tools. Our developers create applications for any Microsoft capable platform, from Mobile development on bar-code scanners to web applications and everything in between.


Davenport Group

As an added value to our customers, MIT Group now has a partner relationship with Davenport Group. Davenport Group is one of the larger Dell partners in the country, and provides us with the ability to give our small to mid-sized businesses the same buying power as their high profile customers. By leveraging this relationship, our customers have immediate access to the entire lineup of Dell infrastructure, including servers, switches, storage area network devices and all of the expertise required to gain successful implementation, large or small.


Gillware Solutions

MIT Group has a partnership with Gillware Inc for both Data Recovery services and Business grade cloud backup solutions. This allows us to add value to our customers through disaster mitigation via cloud backup, as well as hard data recovery in the event of catastrophic loss. We can take your damaged hard drive(s) and send them off for analysis. Within 36 hours of receipt of drives, we will have a formal quote on recovery effort. If recovery cannot be accomplished or you do not wish to move forward after analysis, your damaged media will be returned to you. Upon request to move forward, engineers will attempt to recover your data. Upon recovery, we will provide a link to a website with a file viewer to allow you to review your data. Upon review, you can purchase your recovered data, and have it shipped back on media of your choice, either dvd or external hdd.

In conjunction with recovery services, MIT Group can provide business grade cloud backup solutions. This provides an economical offsite backup in a monitored data center that is always on and always available. As required, you can restore a file, series of files, or all of your data with minimal steps to initiate recovery. This solution is handled by a small backup client installed on each machine to be protected, and has a very small overhead. In conjunction with other backup processed, Gillware offsite backup would allow an additional level of protection at very low cost for containment. Please contact us with any questions, or sign up for a free trial at


BASIS International, Ltd and AddOnSoftware

Providing platform independent application building blocks and development tools to create customized business solutions, from mobile through desktop to the cloud. BASIS is the developer of BBj (In the BBx suite of products), Business Basic Java which allows the development of powerful scalable Java applications utilizing the BASIC programming language. MIT Group also has a partnership with AddOnSoftware, a customizable ERP business solution with the powerful and unique ability to preserve customizations through the update cycle. AddOnSoftware features a core set of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing building blocks which can be tailored as an overall solution to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Since these solutions are built with scalability and change preservation in mind, they are extremely robust, and can run on the Microsoft Windows or Linux platforms. AddOnSoftware can be implemented as an on-premise erp solution, as a cloud-based solution, or as a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.


MID Retail

MID Retail provides planning and allocation software solutions to the retail industry. MIT Group has a very strong working knowledge of MID Retail and is an integration partner. We have provided integration services for MID Planning and Allocation software to a number of retailers from multiple back-end platforms, including Island Pacific and JDA integrations. We have a strategic partnership in place with MID to provide integration services, and have internal resources with strong integration experience with MID software. Utilizing MID Retail’s interface capabilities, we provide integration that is maintained with little to no modification required for software upgrades.