Mailers okcAs the industry’s premier technology based card manufacturer and service provider MIT is uniquely positioned to produce virtually any type of card mailer imaginable. MIT makes it possible to improve your direct mail rates by personalizing your mailings. Dazzling full color images combined with Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows MIT to provide an entirely customized product specifically targeted to your audience. Using your customer data base, MIT is able to match incentives with individuals and imagery with personalities. Your Logo, images and incentive…customized for your needs and personalized for your customers.

Regardless of your requirements, MIT is your source for creating and managing your direct mail program. Pick and choose what we do, or have us manage everything to make your job that much easier.

An increasing popular option is MIT’s Acclaim Postcard. This new product has a break-out CR80 that will dramatically increase your response rate. Retailers, restaurants and service providers have all confirmed that direct mail responses show a marked increase when a discount or incentive card in incorporated into the piece.

Two crucial ingredients to any direct mail campaign are getting the audience’s attention and then motivating them to act. MIT’s customers have found that nothing performs better than the Acclaim Postcard.

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