Oklahoma Blood Institute

Oklahoma blood instituteOklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) is the ninth largest, nonprofit blood center in America.

OBI employs nearly 700 Oklahomans and works with 1,000 volunteers and 2,600 blood drive coordinators. Every drop of blood needed by patients in more than 140 medical facilities in Oklahoma is provided by donors with OBI. This includes exclusive service for every hospital in the metro-OKC area. More than 125,000 donors provide more than 250,000 gifts of blood yearly for transfusion and associated clinical services.

MIT Group was selected to work with Oklahoma Blood Institute to build a donor tracking and notification system that will notify donors when they meet specific medical criteria. MIT was instrumental in the design, Business Requirements and Technical Requirements definition and in the Technical architecture of this application. This system allows the import of donor and visit data along with test results. Upon meeting specific criteria, the system will generate letters to be mailed based on threshold conditions being met. The system also generates output for the Oklahoma Blood Institute call center to follow up with the donor, and maintain specific ‘opt-out’ door level criteria and follow up information.