Mack Energy Co.

Mack EnergyMack Energy Co. is a privately owned exploration and production company, which operates over 700 wells in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and South Louisiana. The company or its associated interests will typically drill or participate in 30-50 wells per year.

The company’s business and technical offices are headquartered in Duncan, Oklahoma with technical offices located in Duncan and Lafayette, Louisiana.

MIT Group has worked with Mack Energy on a number of different projects. Initially, we assisted with a project developing integration between their core system, legacy accounting system and new accounting system. This allowed them to run parallel without requiring duplicate entry. Additionally, MIT Group was selected by Mack to assist them in the online development of customer logins, allowing their customer investors to log in, download their historical 1099 information, and check payment stubs. As with most businesses, enhancements are continuing and we are working with Mack to expand upon this solution, integrating their existing website with this enhanced functionality, and adding Human Resources and Land Management functionality.