HelixHelix Energy Solutions Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (Helix) is an international offshore energy company providing reservoir development solutions and other contracting services to the energy market, as well as to other oil and gas properties. Helix operates in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. The Contracting Services segment utilizes the vessels and offshore equipment that when applied with the methodologies reduce finding and development (F&D) costs. The Oil and Gas segment is engaged in prospect generation, exploration, development and production activities. Helix is a billion dollar corporation headquartered in Houston, TX.Working with Helix Executive’s the MIT Group, Inc. was asked to participate in the design, implementation and integration of selected worldwide internet connectivity and electronic mail applications, WAN/LAN network configurations and Active Directory integration spanning 6 facilities and numerous ocean going vessels.www.helixesg.com