Danlin Industries

Danlin IndustriesDanlin Industries Starting in 1990, to satisfy a customer’s request for Soap Sticks, Danny and Linda Floyd started making soap sticks in their kitchen. The new company needed a name that reflected their attitude toward their partnership in life, in raising a family, in their spiritual beliefs, and with a commitment to service those who use their product. Danlin Company was formed and these guiding resolutions are still the backbone of their business today.Danlin Industries is a full line chemical company offering the following products and services:Soap Sticks, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Control Chemicals, Micro-biocides, Paraffin Control Agents, Liquid Foamers, Defoamers Antifoams, Surfactants/ Cleaning/ Wetting Products, Scavenger Products, Water Clarifiers, Hydrate Inhibitor and Specialty ChemicalsMIT Group was selected to assist Danlin in the development of a new web-based reporting portal through which Danlin customers can retrieve information about their leases, wells and chemical treatments.www.danlin.us