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The MIT Group offers experienced IT consultants and professionals that work directly with your company to provide solutions to your challenges.

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“The MIT Group has gone beyond my expectations for developing a Data informational system. The guys at MIT were very knowledgeable and understanding of our needs at Danlin Industries Corp. I would highly recommend this group to anyone needing their expertise’s.”
Mike Brown Chief Operating Officer Danlin Industries Corp

Cloud Computing is the ultimate ‘connected’ element. This is causing industry shifts in Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing. Almost anything can be connected and anywhere-available, and the demand for more powerful and complex…


App Development
Application development is the process of logically creating, modifying or integrating a software product or application with a specific goal or systemic result in mind. The term application development may also be used to refer to the role of programming.


IT Security
Information Technology Security. Protecting information, systems and content from any unauthorized access. IT Security is applied to computers, networks, storage systems, users, data, and basically any and all IT or IT related assets…


System Integration
In the Retail, Manufacturing and Wholesale industries there are two main thought patterns related to Software and Systems used to operate their business. On one hand some corporations select a single vendor for all facets of software required.


Technical and Functional Staffing
Hiring qualified staff on a time-limited basis. This concept allows companies to respond quickly to changing workloads and technical needs without the need for long-term contracts or the kinds of benefits required by permanent employees.


The MIT Group, Inc. specializes in IT Management services to local and national corporations and companies, delivering industry-specific consulting and integration for end-to-end solutions. For over a decade, our IT management specialists have worked side by side with leading companies to provide strategic solutions to business challenges. Our expertise with a wide variety of industries helps us implement the best technological solution for any size business. We collaborate with business leaders to align technology and processes to achieve success.

Management Information Technologies (MIT) was established with a set of core values that represent our professional passion and personal convictions. We stand behind our professional IT services, listening to our clients goals, and providing the best and most cost-effective solution for each client.

We are a team of experienced IT Consultants ready to help your company create new strategic plans to control costs, increase operational efficiency, improve productivity, speed delivery and enhance customer service.